[isabelle-dev] Error in "cite" anitquotation

Lawrence Paulson lp15 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Jan 21 12:58:13 CET 2023

The attached error is clearly caused by a missing root.bib. The file was always missing, so presumably some recent change is now detecting this situation.

Fortunately there is a root.bib containing the missing entries. So I added it to the document dir, and to ROOT, and even added it to the repository, but the error messages don’t change.

I didn’t even know we had an antiquotation “cite”, so any clues what to do would be welcome. I haven’t pushed the changes so far, but could (I’d prefer to remove the redundant bibtex entries, since this file contains 172).


> Begin forwarded message:
> From: Isabelle/Jenkins <ci at isabelle.systems>
> Subject: Build of AFP entry GoedelGod failed
> Date: 21 January 2023 at 02:35:54 GMT
> To: lp15 at cam.ac.uk, c.benzmueller at fu-berlin.de
> The build for the session
>  GoedelGod,
> belonging to the AFP entry
>  GoedelGod
> failed.
> You are receiving this mail because you are the maintainer of that AFP
> entry.
> The following information might help you with resolving the problem.
> Isabelle ID:  d0151eb9ecb0
> AFP ID:       9ad9e3c39744
> Timeout?      false
> Exit code:    1
> Last 50 lines from stdout (if available):
> (see also /media/data/jenkins/workspace/isabelle-all/heaps/polyml-5.9_x86_64_32-linux/log/GoedelGod)
> *** Bad bibtex_entry "ScottNotes" (line 10 of "$AFP/GoedelGod/GoedelGod.thy")
> *** Bad bibtex_entry "Satallax" (line 195 of "$AFP/GoedelGod/GoedelGod.thy")
> Last 50 lines from stderr (if available):

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