[isabelle-dev] Towards Isabelle2023-RC2, RC3 and AFP release

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Wed Jul 26 16:23:43 CEST 2023

On 26/07/2023 15:51, Makarius wrote:
> In the meantime I had to eliminate erratic noise on the isabelle-dev repository:
> changeset:   78468:33bc244eafdb
> tag:         tip
> user:        wenzelm
> date:        Wed Jul 26 15:42:13 2023 +0200
> files:       src/Tools/jEdit/src/output_dockable.scala
> description:
> revert adhoc change ab9cc7cda0ec: lacks reasoning (and discussion);

There was some minimal reasoning here:

Note that silence about proposals for changes does *not* mean acceptance. (I 
did not answer at that point, due to lack of historical context and since it 
was formally no regression from Isabelle2022 to Isabelle2023; thus it could 
wait another release cycle).

The Sydney group is a major user of Isabelle and thus has its own vital 
interests that quality standards don't degrade!


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