[isabelle-dev] Application of method algebra fails

christian at madez.de christian at madez.de
Wed Mar 22 23:55:34 CET 2023

I'm sorry I sent the last message truncated. Here is the rest of the message:

fun ring_tac add_ths del_ths ctxt =
  Object_Logic.full_atomize_tac ctxt
  THEN' presimplify ctxt add_ths del_ths
  THEN' CSUBGOAL (fn (p, i) =>
    resolve_tac ctxt [let val form = Object_Logic.dest_judgment ctxt p
          in case get_ring_ideal_convs ctxt form of
           NONE => Thm.reflexive form
          | SOME thy => #ring_conv thy ctxt form
          end] i
      handle TERM _ => no_tac
        | CTERM _ => no_tac
        | THM _ => no_tac);
I do not see how debug this system like I could with printing state in imperative languages, so I'm lost at this point.

Christian Weinz
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