[isabelle-dev] Timing for AFP/CakeML_Codegen

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Mon Mar 25 11:38:59 CET 2024

Dear colleagues,

there have been private questions about recent timing information of 
AFP/CakeML_Codegen. I am answering this publicly on the regular isabelle-dev 

The official build status results for Isabelle + AFP are available here: 

Looking briefly at CakeML_Codegen, I don't see anything suspicious for the 
past 30 days. I've also queried the underlying database for 120 days: nothing 
to be seen --- at least not for threads=1 that is used here.

Side-remark: Just yesterday, I had to shutdown the AFP test machine (from 
LRZ), see Isabelle/1fd5f96e1da3. I hope to find another test setup in the 
coming days, so we will be "flying blind" briefly.

Afterwards, the nightly build will dig into old history and provide more and 
more data points to recover the charts.


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