[isabelle-dev] NEWS: isabelle go_setup

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Tue Mar 26 22:16:29 CET 2024

*** System ***

* The command-line tools "isabelle go_setup" and "isabelle go" /
"isabelle gofmt" support the Go development environment. This works
uniformly on all Isabelle OS platforms.


   isabelle go_setup
   isabelle go env
   isabelle go

This refers to Isabelle/ce9b649ee2dd. It is analogous to "isabelle dotnet_setup".

The motivation is to support AFP/Go from AFP/aafd2b24370d, and maybe to see 
some tests within the session using 'compile_generated_files' (e.g. see 
AFP/Buchi_Complementation), guarded by [condition = ISABELLE_GOEXE] in the 
ROOT file.

Another motivation is to get rid of the unfinished experiment from 
https://isabelle-dev.sketis.net/rISABELLE8347ffa1f92c (the log should explain 
the purpose, but apparently there is none).


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