[isabelle-dev] Admin/components/README.md

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Wed Mar 27 14:45:16 CET 2024

On 25/03/2024 20:03, Makarius wrote:
> Isabelle/36e33d227bf0 now provides Admin/components/README.md as merged and 
> updated version of former PLATFORMS + README in that directory.

Here is an updated version:

In particular:

### Dynamic setup of large components ###

An alternative approach, especially for components that are very large and/or
rarely used, is to provide an Isabelle setup tool that interested users may
run for themselves. This works particularly well for software products that
have their own "store" of downloadable artifacts. For example, see
`isabelle dotnet_setup` as defined in `src/Pure/Tools/dotnet_setup.scala`.

Isabelle component management has become and art and an industry. There is 
more to say, especially for automated build setup (e.g. Setup_Tool service 
classes), but the text is already rather long.


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