[isabelle-dev] Testboard and AFP

Fabian Huch huch at in.tum.de
Fri May 10 17:49:42 CEST 2024

On 5/10/24 17:44, Tobias Nipkow wrote:
> On 10/05/2024 09:35, Fabian Huch wrote:
>> The Jenkins regularly chokes (likely due to bad programming and 
>> unmaintained plugins). The high system load also has the effect that 
>> the isa-afp page can get slow sometimes.
> Very slow to the point of being unreachable. In the past the sysadmins 
> explained this by a dos-like overload from robots(?) and tried to fix 
> it. Are you now saying that jenkins creates this overload?

This was the Isabelle repository, which runs on a different server (that 
now employs rate limiting to prevent this, which appears to work well).


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